Introducing the MIDAS 2, the industry leader in mis-fuel prevention, acting as the last line of defence in the fuel delivery process. With all the reliability of the original MIDAS, the MIDAS 2 comes equipped with a host of new features and has been designed specifically for portable use with an increased focus on user experience making it our most functional and feasible product yet.


The MIDAS elbow is the perfect solution for delivering to below ground fill points. Taking the functional reliability of the common elbow while adding the ultimate protection of the MIDAS system gives you the safest way to deliver fuel.


The 16-character LCD screen is programmed to give the driver detailed instruction as to what stage of the delivery the MIDAS 2 is at. This includes prompting the driver to locate the RFID tag, displaying the fuel type of the tank the MIDAS is connected too and clear indication when the wrong fuel type enters the MIDAS. These are however, just a few of the visual prompts the MIDAS can offer the driver.


The MIDAS 2 variations all come equipped with a new innovative technology that allows the MIDAS to recharge during operation. This offers each portable MIDAS unit up to 10 years of sustainable battery life


Each fill point is assigned a specific RFID tag which contains the fuel type of the tank, the site location, and the tank number. When a driver connects their MIDAS product to either an above or below ground fill point, MIDAS will read the data stored at the fill point and will automatically calibrate itself to the correct fuel type to ensure that the fuel being delivered matches that of the tank it is being delivered to.


The MIDAS has the ability to store data from each operation for up to 12 months. This includes delivery dates, mis-fuel analysis, site locations and much more. To make the transfer of data easy for the end user we have equipped the MIDAS with connectivity allowing an engineer to upload data and download new software easier than ever before.


The MIDAS compact offers the best solution to above ground fuel delivery. Fitting seamlessly into any delivery process, improving handling, and giving you the ultimate MIDAS protection are just a few of the benefits to using the MIDAS compact.


For the compact variation, each fill point adaptor is fitted with an RFID bracket. This contains the fuel type, site address and tank number. When the MIDAS is connected to the fill point, the RFID reader at the base of the MIDAS unit, will automatically detect the fuel type of the storage tank it is connected to and calibrate the unit accordingly. This ensures the correct fuel type will only ever pass through the MIDAS.


Similar to the MIDAS 1, the MIDAS 2 can be used as a fixed product. Situated permanently at the fill point either above or below ground the MIDAS is pre calibrated by a trained engineer to the fuel type of the tank is connected too. This removes the need for RFID connectivity and activates using a simple push button.